How to add Facebook Messenger to a Website

Facebook offers the Chat Plugin, which can be used to seamlessly integrate Facebook Messenger with your website.

To add the chat plugin to your website, you must have a Facebook page of your website. If you don't already have one, you can easily create it through your Facebook account. The Facebook Chat Plugin is a free extension that you can install on your website to enable chat functionality.

Follow these simple steps to add Facebook Messenger Chat to your websites:

  1. Go to your Facebook page.
  2. Navigate to Meta Business Suite from your Facebook page.
  3. Go to Inbox from the left menu.
  4. When you are on the Inbox page (Meta Business Suite), click the settings icon at the top right, and from the dropdown dialog, click the View all settings option.
  5. When you are redirected to Inbox settings page, click the Chat plugin.
  6. Now, you can customize your chat plugin by selecting the Customize your Chat plugin option.
  7. After your customization is complete, you can scroll up and click the Set up your Chat plugin button.
  8. Next, choose one option from the Pick a setup method list. If you intend to set up chat functionality for a WordPress website, you can select the WordPress option or any other that best suits your situation. In this example, I'm configuring it for a Laravel website, so I've opted for the Standard.
  9. Choose langauge for your chat plugin, save and continue.
  10. Enter your domain name. For example: Choose Save and continue.
  11. Copy code
  12. Paste the code snippet directly right after the opening tag on every web page where you wish to display the Chat plugin.
  13. Refresh the web page where you've inserted the code, you'll notice the chat plugin appearing on your page.
  14. When you see Your Chat plugin is ready message, click Done.