How to Write a CV or Resume for a Job Application

CV stands for Curriculum Vitae, it gives detail information about you, your background and achievements like your personal and contact details, education, work experience, skills and all on paper. The way you present it may be the only chance you will have for managing to get an interview with the employer. It has many purposes but most of us, we use it for seeking a job anywhere in the world. You learn to write CV from colleges, universities, if not then from websites or your relatives and friends but every time you read about CV or see their samples, do not get confused due of its different way of formats or presentation as there is no specified format for it. What is more important is that your CV should be clear, concise, complete and updated with your qualification and employment career. Moreover, it should also have professional outlook.

Before you start to work on your CV, it is also important to do little research about the company as the content that you are going to include will depend on which job you are applying for, so the information should be related and tells about you in the best possible way.

Here's a sample CV or Resume for a job application:

Kimberly Clark

Contact Number: 22XXXX45

Gender: Female

Nationality: British

Address: London

Objectivity: Seeking a position which can maximize my knowledge and skills for obtaining excellence in various degrees of works assigned.

Educational Qualification:
  • 2019, Completed MscIT from University of XYZ(USA)
  • 2017, Completed BscIT from University of XYZ(USA)
  • 2014, Passed Higher Secondary School from ABC School(USA)

Interests: Computers and Technologies, chatting with people, learning new things, listening to music, playing cricket, watching football, travelling, reading book, etc,.

Skills: Microsoft office, C++, HTML, PHOTOSHOP, MAYA, Java SE, Java EE, Android, etc,.

Work Experience:
  • Senior Software Engineer at XYZ company from 17 December 2017 to current days
  • Junior Software Engineer at XY company from 11 sept 2015 to 15 November 2017

  • English
  • German
  • Chinese
  • Latin
Declaration: I hereby declare that all the above information given by me is true to the best of my knowledge.

Lets go through the following points to make your CV looks simple and effective:

  • Personal Information:
  • Like said earlier, there is no correct or wrong structure for a curriculum vitae. However, personal data always been put on the top section of your CV. In this part you should talk about yourself and not your family or any other extra details. The basic information like name, date of birth, nationality, address, email id, contact number, etc to be displayed.

  • Objective:
  • It is a statement that expresses why you are looking for this employment and what makes you ideal for that job.

  • Educational Qualification:
  • It is your achievement in educational background, first you should list the highest of your degree and followed by others. Here, you should include the name of the educational institutions, course, year of completion, etc.

  • Interests:
  • By adding interests you are showing your recruiters another side of you (Personality).

  • Skills:
  • In this section, you are going to include your skills that you have learnt or experienced in life.

  • Work Experience:
  • Freshers or New Comers can skip this section. But if you are not fresher then this is the place to mention all of your working history till date. You should give the name of the institutions you have worked at, location, designation and duration.

  • Languages:
  • Employer might be interested to know your knowledge on foreign languages that you can speak, read and write.

  • Other points that can be added and some guidelines:
  • Worked on Project, Duties, References, Declaration etc.

    The following points are some guidelines:

    • Don’t make your CV lengthy and boring.
    • Structure your CV properly.
    • Combine your knowledge with the expertise required by the employer.
    • Be formal, neat and appropriate.
    • No hiding facts, that may get you in trouble later.
    • Show yourself positively.