HTML Editors

An HTML page can be created using a simple text editor tool, such as notepad on Windows or TextEdit on Mac or TextEditor on Ubuntu. However, there are many professional text editors especially designed for writting HTML code. Some of the best free HTML editors are:

Download and install one of the above editors. They are all free. There are also many other paid professional HTML editors, such as Sublime Text, Abode Dreamweaver, etc.

Create HTML page using TextEditor

Complete the following steps to create a web page using Notepad, TextEdit or TextEditor:

  1. Open the editor Notepad/TextEdit/TextEditor.
  2. Copy the code below to the editor:
  4. Save the above file with name index.html or index.htm. Remember, HTML file must have .html or .htm extention and set the encoding to UTF-8.
  5. Open your HTML page in a browser. Your HTML page should look something like this: