How to install Pip on Windows | Ubuntu | Linux | Mac?

This guide will show you how to install Pip on Windows, Ubuntu/Linux, and Mac.

Pip is a package management utility tool that simplifies installation and management of software packages from Python Package Index (PyPI) and other package indexes.

Check if Pip is already installed on your computer by executing the following on the command line:

pip3 --version

You should see something like this if Pip is already installed:

pip 9.0.1

If you do not have Pip installed, you can install it.

How to Install Pip on Windows or Mac?

To install Pip on Windows or Mac, run the following curl command on the command line to download from

curl -o

After download is complete, run the following command to install it:


Verify the version of Pip after installation using the command:

pip3 --version

How to Install Pip on Ubuntu/Linux?

To install Pip on Ubuntu/Linux, run the following apt command one by one on the command line:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install python3-pip

After the installation is complete, verify its version by running the following on the command line:

pip3 --version