Installing Lombok in Eclipse Environment

  • Last updated Apr 25, 2024

Lombok is a powerful library that helps streamline Java code by reducing boilerplate and automating repetitive tasks. 

In order to use Lombok in Eclipse, it is necessary to have Lombok installed in your development environment. If Lombok is already installed in your Eclipse, you can skip the installation process. Otherwise, follow the steps below to install Lombok in your Eclipse environment.

  1. Download the Lombok JAR file from the official Lombok website (
  2. Locate the downloaded JAR file on your computer.
  3. Execute the lombok.jar file through your command line or terminal using the following command:

  4. java -jar lombok.jar

  5. When you see the Lombok installation window, choose Install/Update button.
  6. After a successful installation, you will see a confirmation or success message.