Create a New Branch in Git

A branch represents a separate line of development. When you start to work on a new feature, you usually create a new branch off master branch or any other branch which is later merged back to the main branch.

Follow these steps to create a new branch in Git:

  1. First, make sure you are on the correct branch from which you want to create a new branch.
  2. Use the 'branch' command, followed by the new branch name, to create a new branch:

  3. git branch new_branch_name

    Replace "new_branch_name" with the name you want for your new branch.

  4. After creating a new branch, the next step is to switch to the newly created branch by using the 'checkout' command followed by the branch name:

  5. git checkout new_created_branch_name

    Replace 'new_created_branch_name' with the name of the newly created branch to which you want to switch.

    You can also create and switch to a new branch using a single command. The 'checkout -b' command allows you to create and switch to a new branch in one go:

    git checkout -b new_branch_name