Pushing a New Local Branch to a Remote Git Repository

The 'pull' command is used to fetch and download latest files updates from a remote branch to your local branch. It is a combination of two git commands, 'git fetch' command followed by 'git merge' command.

Follow these steps to retrieve the latest changes from a remote repository and update them into your local branch:

  1. Open Git Bash or a command prompt or a terminal.
  2. Navigate to your local project directory.
  3. First, check and ensure that you are on the correct local branch using the following command:

  4. git branch

    This command displays all the branches in your repository, along with your currently active branch marked with a star (*) next to its name.

  5. Next, use the 'pull' command to retrieve and merge the latest code from the remote branch:

  6. git pull origin remote_branch_name

    Replace 'remote_branch_name' with the name of the remote branch from which you wish to fetch and merge changes into the local branch.

    If there are conflicts between the remote changes and your local changes, Git will prompt you to resolve them. Use a text editor or a specialized tool to address conflicts, then commit the resolved changes.