Creating a Git Pull Request

  • Last updated Apr 25, 2024

A Pull Request is a feature of Git where a contributor asks a maintainer of Git repository to review code that they want to merge into the main branch of a project.

Follow these steps to create a Git pull request:

  1. Clone the project to your local machine:

  2. git clone <remote_repository_url>

    Replace 'remote_repository_url' with the URL of the remote repository of your project you want to clone.

  3. After cloning the project repository to your local machine, navigate to the cloned project directory. For example:

  4. cd my-project

    Replace 'my-project' with the project name you cloned.

  5. Create a New Branch:
  6. Before you start changing the code, create a new branch. Give the branch a name that tells what changes you're going to make.

    git checkout -b <new_branch_name>

  7. Add and Commit Changes:
  8. Make the necessary changes to the codebase. Check the changes highlighted in red using 'git status'. Use 'git add' to stage your changes, and then 'git commit' to save them with a clear message.

    git status
    git add .
    git commit -m 'your message'

  9. Push Changes to Remote Repository:
  10. Push your new branch with changes to the remote Git repository using the following command:

    git push origin <new_branch_name>

  11. Create Pull Request:
  12. Go to the original remote Git repository of the project you just pushed. There, you should see a notification prompting you to create a pull request from your recently pushed branch. Click on it.

  13. Compare Changes:
  14. Review the changes you've made and ensure they're correct. If everything seems fine, go ahead and click the 'Create Pull Request' button.

  15. Write Pull Request Description:
  16. Write a clear and concise description of the changes you've made. Include relevant details that help reviewers understand the purpose of your pull request.

  17. Review and Address Feedback:
  18. Wait for the repository maintainers to review your pull request. They might suggest changes or ask questions. Be responsive and address any feedback accordingly.

  19. Merge Pull Request:
  20. Once your pull request has been approved and all feedback addressed, a maintainer will merge your changes into the main repository. Your contributions are now part of the project.

Remember to follow any specific contribution guidelines provided by the repository maintainers. This ensures a smooth process and increases the likelihood of your pull request being accepted.