Python Inheritance

Inheritance is a mechanism of inheriting methods and properties of one class to another.

A class from which properties and methods are inherited to another class is called a Parent class

A class which inherits properties and methods from a Parent class is called its Child class.

To see inheritance example, we need to create a parent class and a child class.

Create a Parent Class

To create a parent class, you just need to create a class because any class can be a parent class:

class Animal:
    def __init__(self, name, color): = name
        self.color = color

    def print_name(self):
    def print_color(self):

Create a Child Class

To create a child class you need to pass the parent class as a parameter of the child class as shown in the example below:

class Dog(Animal):
    def print_weight(self, weight):

Next, create an object of the child class and you can called its parent's methods as shown in the example below:

dog = Dog("Tommy","Black")
dog.print_weight("160 pounds")
160 pounds